Hop Up Buckings

no more loose bucking! no more half way!

t-n.t. airsoft's hop up bucking will change your game forever!


with a patented unique design, t-n.t's hop up bucking will increase range and accuracy by creating an airtight vacume, thus eliminating the bb's "wiggle room" while waiting to be fired.

once the bb is fixed into position, it has no other way to go but streight....


in addition, t-n.t buckings have a specifaclly designed guide to direct the bb to the exact center, makeing it shoot exactly to the middle of the barrel.


not all airsoft guns are the same. that's why we have designed a specific hop up bucking to acommodate most kinds of airsoft guns such as aeg's gbb's kwa's ghk's and the newly addition to the t-n.t family, the mp7 gbb retrofit kit.

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let's take a look...


ubique design - like no other....

as you can see - every bb will fit right into place, and shoot right on target.

no compromise!

Inner Barrels

T-N.T'S cutting edge inner barrels are definitely the best thing in airsoft today.

using state of the art engineering, t-n.t. has designed a new kind of barrel, that will not only improve accuracy, but improve proformance and range by 30-50 percent!


how does it work? 

T-N.T. inner barrels are uniquely designed from tight bore to wide bore.

specially designed grooves will create an air cusion that will guide the bb while shooting out of the barrel eliminating the contact of the bb with the barrel's sides, and then makeing sure that that same air cusion will dispurse out of the barrel before the bb is shot.

this will allow the bb shot from your airsoft gun to be untouched by that air bubble on exit, therefore eliminating the deviation usually created by it.


along with our new age hop up bucking, users will enjoy a new age of airsoft game!

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THIS NEW amazing system was especially developed to replace and upgrade the entire GHK M4 hop-up structure. with the ongoing demand for quality upgrade parts for GHK M4, TNT AIRSOFT STUDIOS has developed this kit which includes all necessary parts inclinding a gbb hop up bucking and cnc hop hup chamber. click here for more information.


mp7 retrofit kit

the mp7 gbb is a very uniquely design airsoft gun. so special and so popular in fact, that we have designed a whole new concept for it!

not only did we design a specific set of inner barrels for the mp7 gbb, with several length options, and added our premium hop up design for mp7, but we've added an outer barrel, which will improve fixation of the inner barrel - and yet again imporve accuracy and range even more.


with this incredible MP7 Retrofit kit you will receive the whole UPGRADED package!



KWA GBB Retrofitting Kits

THE latest addition to the t-n.t. product family - the KWA GBB kit

this kit was designd for specific design GBB airsoft guns such as KWA, masada, lm4 and mega due to their unique hop up fearures.

this kit will improve your whole experience.

asside from the usual upgrade your airsoft gun will receive from your new t-n.t. kit, you will enjoy improved stability while shooting, better innerbarrel rotation and more.

with a body made of anodized aluminium, a whole new hop up design (with less parts than usual), and a complete range of length that will handle heavier bb's, this KWA GBB kit is literally the best and only kit in the market!



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