T-N.T Hop-Up Bucking

new age hop-up buckings to insure maximum accuracy and percisien shooting

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T-N.T APS-x Inner Barrels

Better range, Better accuracy

better in every way

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t-n.t aps-x upgrade kits

no compromise!

Choose your kit, Change your game


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taiwan t-n.t studio 

is an airsoft replacement parts manufacturer of t-n.t aps-x system with the sole purpose of imporoving the quality of airsoft guns arround the world.

with it's unique patented technology, t-n.t changed the way you play airsoft, improving the aim, grooping, range and balistics of the bb's.

since 2014, t-n.t has worked to addapt to the ever growing airsoft market, designing and creating custom tailored gear for each brand on its on, to insure best quality and results and achieving the highes preformance possible.


worldwide distribution

due to the increasing interest of customers arround the world for t-n.t studios gear, t-n.t has joind forces with delta tactical advanced tactical solutions ltd., the leading airsoft importer in israel to promote and distribute t-n.t products worldwide. 

with delta tactical's net of dealer's and distributors, t-n.t is now available to any player arround the world who wishes to increase their game, and get an advantage in the field.


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