T-N.T. Studios

is a taiwan based company established in 2004 along with our brand t-n.t. aps-x system.

the vision has always been the same: to offer a better solution to all airsoft players.


all t-n.t. studio's products are cutting edge, patented products designed with extreme prercision. 

our mission

has always been to improve the experienve of all airsoft players.

that's why we try to keep it as simple as possible.

our inner barrels for example, will fit 90% of airsoft guns on the market.

our hop up buckings, are designed for each airsoft gun family (aeg, gbb, kwa, ghk etc.)


most important of all - we keep going!

if it doesnt exist yet, it's just because we haven't finished inventing it!


world wide distribution

as part of the on-growing demand for t-n.t. airsoft's products around the world, t-n.t has joind forces with delta tactical as our global exclusive distributors.

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